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The Ultimate Concealed Carry Firearms Holster

Pocket Holsters from are handcrafted using only the finest USA leathers.
  • Hand Cut
  • Hand Formed
  • Hand Tooled
  • Vat Dyed
  • Hand  Polished

Made in the USA by Americas.  .Handcrafted  from Premium USA leather exclusively from Hermann Oak Leather Company. has been committed  to providing highly concealable pocket holsters for the concealed carry community since 2002.  Our mission is to offer a high quality concealed carry pocket holster at an affordable price for all popular concealable auto pistols, revolvers and derringers.  If you do not find the model of your concealed carry firearm here, please check back, as we are continually adding new lines as smaller and more efficient firearms become available.  Our current product line includes over 60 firearm models in both right hand and left hand configurations.

Some of our most popular Pocket Holsters
Other Pocket Holster Models are available from the menu on the left.


Pocket Holster for Glock 42

pocket holster for sig p238

Pocket Holster for Sig 238
w/Sig Laser

Pocket holster for Ruger LCP, Kel-Tec P3AT, Keltec P32

Pocket Holster for Ruger LCP

Pocket holster for DoubleTap 45ACP or 9mm

Pocket Holster for DoubleTap

Zipper Pocket Holster as compared to regular Pocket Holster

Left is the view when looking down on a Zipper model Pocket Holster. Right is top view of our regular pocket holster.

For those of you wanting complete concealment from prying eyes, we now offer a pocket holster with a hinged top flap and non functional brass zipper, giving the appearance of a zipped wallet in your pocket.  Great for pants with smaller pockets such as Levi’s and Wrangler jeans.  Zipper Pocket Holsters are available for select models of pocket holsters.

Our pocket holsters are designed with a hinged
anti-print panel that allows a comfortable and fast draw from your pocket. The holster and anti-print panel are joined by two Chicago screws which can be removed, allowing additional means of concealed carry.

Our pocket holster offers a smooth comfortable draw and unsurpassed concealment
Custom order Pocket Holster with Python skin appointments available at

Now you can have one of our Pocket Holsters with genuine Python skin appointments to the thumb push-off area and to the inside of  the anti-print panel hinge. This option is available for an additional $20 and must be special ordered.  Please call us for details and ordering. 1-800-424-9352

Your Pocket Holster will be shipped from Edgewater, Florida, 32132.
If you order after 3PM on Friday or on Saturday, Sunday or Monday, your order will be processed on Tuesday, as we are closed Sunday and Monday.
Monday is NOT a business day for us.
We will do our best to get your holster to you by the best and quickest method.
We strive to keep an adequate inventory of all our models of Pocket Holsters and ship your order on a timely basis.
However, since this is a hand-made product, an out-of-stock situation could delay shipping your order up to two weeks. Once your order is shipped, we offer no guarantee on the time the shipper takes to get your order to you.

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