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The Smith & Wesson BODYGUARD  is an excellent choices for a concealed carry pistol.
Light-weight, a thin profile with or without a built in Laser Sight make it a top choice for rear or front pocket carry.


Firearm Model




Firearm Model



Your Smith & Wesson BodyGuard without the laser option will fit perfectly into our Pocket Holster.  The below photo shows the fit of a non-lasered BodyGuard.

Pocket Holster Concealed Carry Pocket Holster from

Our Pocket Holsters have a hinged pocket guard (anti-print panel) to allow quick access to your firearm and to facilitate a smooth extraction from your pocket.

Click here for a quick video demonstrating drawing from this holster


The photo above is a top view of the Zipper Top Pocket Holster as compared to our standard Pocket Holster.  It shows what would be seen if someone looked down into your rear pocket.
The non-functioning zipper gives the viewer the impression of a zipped wallet.  The flap is easily flipped back, allowing quick  access for a smooth draw
This holster is best suited for Wrangler or Levi styled jeans or other pants with smaller back pockets .

Photo shows Zipper Top Pocket Holster with Keltec P3AT,

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We will do our best to get your holster to you by the best and quickest method.
We strive to keep an adequate inventory of all our models of Pocket Holsters and ship your order on a timely basis.
However, since this is a hand-made product, an out-of-stock situation could delay shipping your order up to two weeks. Once your order is shipped, we offer no guarantee on the time the shipper takes to get your order to you.

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